Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Have Joined the App Generation

After seeing how much my grandson enjoyed his mother's iPhone apps at the art museum, I invested about $5 in NookColor apps yesterday.  Today I played the shape-matching game with him.  (It cost $1.99, and turned out to be a bargain.)  My grandson and I never progressed beyond that game because he absolutely LOVED it.  In fact, he did not want to stop playing when it was time for Grandpa and me to return home.

I had worried that the game might be too difficult for a two-year-old, but the boy coped.  When his fingers lacked the necessary dexterity, he just asked me to help him.  He also really liked telling me the name of the colors of the pieces he was matching together.  So, dear children, if the NookColor wasn't worth it before (and it was), it certainly is now.  Thank you again for such a wonderful gift.

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