Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Saga Continues . . .

Someday I will return to quilt show photos.  I promise!  It's just that I am really busy sewing right now because Minnesota Daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving but probably not for Christmas.  Plus, her birthday is in December!  So, I'm trying to get ready for both events by Wednesday.

Back to the plumbing . . . Monday the plumber returned.  This time we ended up with both hot water and heat, so our quality of life was vastly improved.  The plumber was scheduled to return early on Wednesday to replace the valve on the water shutoff to the house and repair the toilet that will not stop running and is currently shut off.  (I would like to get that toilet operational by next Wednesday, so Minnesota Daughter has a completely operational bathroom.)

Last Wednesday arrived, but the plumber did not.  So, I waited.  Then I waited some more.  I then continued to wait some more.  Finally, three hours after what was supposed to be the latest time the plumber was supposed to arrive I telephoned.  The receptionist at the plumbing company told me that when the emergency appointment for Monday was scheduled that the ordinary appointment for Wednesday was deleted.  Then she asked me if I would like to reschedule.

OK.  That was it as far as I was concerned.  This was the second time in five days that this plumbing company messed up.  So, I politely declined to reschedule.  Then I joined Angie's List.  I needed advice.

Although later IT Prof told me that Angie's List isn't helpful because people don't bother to post, I found the reviews did help me (so far).  I also made a point of posting my personal story of plumbing woes.

I picked the plumbing company that was overwhelmingly loved on Angie's List and made an appointment.  The earliest they can send a plumber is Monday morning, but yesterday the office called to confirm the appointment!  I will withhold final judgment until the plumbing work is completed, but so far, things look better.  Oh!  I also got a 50%-off-the-service-call coupon from Angie's List, so the year's membership will almost be paid for.  And, if I like this plumbing company and have a weekend emergency, they will come to fix it.

Now, I have to return to Christmas in November.  Time is running out.


  1. Maybe you should tell the Better Business Bureau about them too.

  2. During the past week every time I tried to check the Better Business Bureau website, the search page refused to work.