Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sigh--5 November 2011

You cannot count on me.

Yesterday at the Lee's Summit Quilters Guild's annual quilt show the woman who sat at the greeting table with me for the early shift wore PERFUME!  My lungs already hurt from Thursday but were better when I arrived at the show, but the perfume really, really set me back.  It is a rather strange greeting table where the two greeters sit as far from one another as possible.

I actually napped yesterday afternoon because the breathing problems exhausted me.  When I returned to the quilt show to help take down the exhibits, the atmosphere in the gymnasium was terrible for breathing.  This is what I ended up being able to do: sit on some steps and concentrate on oxygen.

However, I did learn two good pieces of information from my disability.  First, the members of my guild, despite some of their misguided use of scents, are extremely caring.  Many of them expressed their concern for me.  And, due to their kindness, I did not have to stand in line to pick up my quilts.  One sweetheart of a quilter brought my quilts and the receipt I had to sign over to me as soon as possible, so I could leave.  Another woman insisted on watching me successfully navigate my way to my car.  Furthermore, all this assistance was given without my asking for help.  Are these not wonderful women?

Second, I realized that my job as volunteer coordinator for the quilt show next year definitely required modification.  After all, what sort of volunteer coordinator cannot spend the entire two days at the quilt show making sure everything ones smoothly?  When I begged the quilt show co-chair for next year to find me an assistant who would be willing to do all of the hands-on responsibilities at the quilt show while I handled all off-site work, she agreed immediately and sympathetically.

I love my guild.

The breathtaking quilt I mentioned in an earlier post ended up winning first prize in pieced quilts, first prize in machine quilting, and the prize for best in show.  The champion quiltmaker is a wonderfully kind and friendly woman, so I am absolutely delighted for her well-deserved achievement.

Also and probably best of all, IT Prof, Son, and Son's girlfriend (hereafter GF on this blog) attended the show!  Their kindness and support made me incredibly happy.  The quilt show had quite the variety of well-made quilts, so I think my family each found something interesting at the show.

IT Prof photographed a number of the quilts in the show, so I hope he can upload them to my computer soon.   When he does, I'll start posting photos of some of the wonderful quilts in the show here.  That certainly will be more interesting than complaints about my asthma.

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