Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nom de Plume

I just changed my blog name again into something a little more reflective of who I am.  (Isn't that exciting?)

Since I didn't finish sewing all the Christmas and Christmastime birthday presents I wanted to make, Santa's Workshop is still in business.  My plan for today, assuming rather unbelievably that IT Prof and I do not watch any more episodes of The Pacific, is to work on an early January birthday present.  I'm sure the Clown's Wife will not figure out for whom the aforementioned gift is intended. :-)

By the way, for those of you without cable TV and who are completely unaware of any critical reviews, The Pacific is an excellent miniseries.  However, be warned that it is also sad and scary.  IT Prof and I are really glad that he received it as a Christmas present.