Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not Another Addiction and Adieu, Chardonnay, Adieu

Monday Aurora told me about Pinterest.  Today is Thursday, and I am now a Pinterest addict.  What particularly thrills me is that strangers have repinned some of my items.  Maybe I'm more interesting than I think.

Today IT Prof and I celebrated a late Valentine's Day by using the $10-off coupon he received and eating lunch at Chaz.  He has eaten there before; I had not.  Wow!  Is Chaz expensive!  Wow!  Is Chaz a wonderful dining experience!

I had the Chef's Combo with the most awesome sweet potato soup I have ever eaten.  The Caesar salad and the BLT (without the tomato, which will be explained soon) were also quite good.  The server was incredibly attentive.  I also drank the best glass of Chardonnay I've ever had.

To be honest, my new physician, an actual board-certified allergist, told me not to drink alcohol.  Nor should I drink soda pop.  (Giving up Dr. Pepper Ten is hard.  Really hard.  Not for the caffeine, but for the flavor.)  Nor should I eat tomatoes, citrus fruits, peppermint, or chocolate.  All these new dietary restrictions are because he thinks I have acid reflux disease, and that causes the asthma (because my lung linings have been hurt by the acid reflux).  For thirty-five years, I have believed I have allergies.  I have undergone the requisite needle-pricking testing, and I turned out to be allergic to . . . NOTHING.

As much as I hate to admit it, the allergist certainly seems to be right.  I had just dropped IT Prof off back at work when I noticed that all of a sudden I was very congested.  This was about 15 minutes after I finished the chardonnay (which took me about an hour to sip my way through).  There certainly looks as though the chardonnay caused my current congested state.

I like the occasional glass of chardonnay, but I fear that's all over now.  It has joined Dr. Pepper Ten on the banned list.  I think this is what getting older means.

On the positive side, the allergist is gradually taking me off some of my medications.  Think of the money I'll save!

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