Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Finally Finished Aurora's 2011 Christmas Present!

My new daughter-in-law, Aurora, is patient.  You can tell she is because I gave her the beginning of a set of monthly table hangings last Christmas.  By beginning, I mean I only had the December and January table hangings done in time for Christmas.  About the best you can say about my promptitude is that Aurora did receive each of the next months' table hangings before the appropriate month had technically started.

When I gave Aurora the October table hanging shown above last Sunday (which was two weeks before October actually started), she and Tremor waxed enthusiastically about the fabric choices.  That sort of reception is always a big relief when you give something homemade as a gift.

Earlier this week I completed November's table hanging by sewing the binding down while IT Prof and I watched television.  And, obviously, it's not even October yet.  I must be on a roll.  :-)

Those of you who even bother to look at the left-hand-side of this blog will no doubt be thrilled that my year of tiny quilts is now complete.

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