Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recently Made Quilts

Our church's minister's wife gave birth to a daughter at the beginning of October.  This is the autograph quilt that our congregation gave to them.  It was originally suggested that I put together a 100-block autograph quilt, but my guild's quilt show was scheduled for November 2nd and 3rd and I was in charge of recruiting volunteers for the show.  Not unreasonably, I thought a quilt from a kit had a better chance of being finished by the end of 2012.

I found this kit at Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit and thought the made-up model was cute.  Also, our minister's favorite color is orange, so this quilt felt like an extremely good choice.  I put the quilt top together, signatures were collected, and I machine quilted the finished product, mostly with freehand meandering.

I even free-motion quilted my first two oake leaves ever.  A professional quilter would not be impressed, but I was pleased with myself, whether reasonably or not.

The quilt above is the completed wedding gift for the son of one my husband's cousins.  It was professonally machine quilted by Beth Kurzava of Raytown, MO, and she did an exquisite job.  Even IT Prof told me that he thought the custom quilting was beautiful.


I hope you can tell just how beautiful the quilting is from the photo above because Beth's work really made this quilt something special.

The Captain America cape above is a birthday present for our grandson, Omaha, who will turn four soon.  Omaha's mother found the free pattern on the Vanilla Joy website.  The PDF file did not print off as perfectly as I would have needed to do a better job, but IT Prof said that I should not remake the cape because a four-year-old boy would never notice imperfections in the construction.  If I ever make a superhero cape again, however, I will draw my own patterns for the circles.  I think that would eliminate my problems.

I have also been cleaning up the house somewhat, but I am too embarrassed to post photographs of that accomplishment.  I am bracing myself to tackle my sewing room (again), which I hope will insprire me to be more productive.  I have a Christmas stocking to make for this year!

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