Friday, October 14, 2011

"Bacon Cam"--The Horror

IT Prof has alerted me to the currently-live streaming video "Bacon Cam".  Approximately 520 people, besides myself, are being mesmerized by a Rifftrax original film of bacon frying.  If we ignore the seriously disturbing question of why I am all but hypnotized by this excitement, I am horrified that the former MST3K/present-day Rifftrax crowd is teaching, by their respected role modeling, the world such terrifying kitchen hygiene.  (Is this a future Rifftrax short in the making?)

Perhaps "Bacon Cam" is not live but a hoax, a carefully edited trick, perpetuated to get me to scream at the walls.  The man in the burgundy T-shirt (hereafter TMITBTS) poured hot grease down the sink!  I don't care that he pretended to be responsible by running the cold (?) water simultaneously.  Ages ago I was an environmental engineering student, and we were told fats should never, ever be dumped in the sewer system.  Secondary treatment was not designed for handling grease.  (Maybe I'm unfair, and the waste flowed to a septic tank, but, still, that's not particularly good either.)

I also fear Rifftrax has a very limited future with TMITBTS in charge of food preparation.  Has TMITBTS ever been allowed in a kitchen before?  There is live video of his culinary "skill" in action, and, obviously, the Rifftrax crowd has never heard of or been taught to avoid trichinosis.

TMITBTS's serious crimes against human health include: using the same fork on the raw bacon as the cooking and cooked bacon; allowing colleagues to consume said TMITBTS-tainted meat; wiping the counter with a dry paper towel instead of sanitizing said counter; and eating the cooked bacon by lifting it to his mouth with the same fingers that put the raw bacon on the grill.

Mike Nelson is a father!  His children are at risk if he encourages such kitchen hygiene at home.  (I only hope that Bridget Jones has permanently blocked Mike's access to any part of their kitchen.)

Maybe I'm just old.  However, I can no longer laugh at such potentially dangerous food preparation.


  1. For the record, we DID sanitize the counter afterward. and the bacon grease was not simply dumped, there was a trap inside the sink that you could not see. It was disposed after the stream ended.

    Not sure about your insistence that Mike's kitchen access be blocked - that seems a bit of a stretch.

  2. Haha! Can you still see it even though it's not live?

  3. To The Wife: I just checked. The Rifftrax channel at Ustream is currently offline. I'm afraid you'll just have the impossible task of trying to imagine how scintillating live video of cooking bacon is.