Saturday, October 15, 2011

Memories from the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Show at UMKC on Saturday, October 1, 2011--Part 1

IT Prof photographed some of the beautiful quilts displayed at the Kansas City Modern Quilt Quild's recent quilt show at UMKC.  In some cases, he forgot to photograph a quilt's attribution, so I apologize to each talented artist who is not being cited properly.

The absolutely amazing quilt by esteemed local quilter Nedra Bonds shown immediately below was my favorite at the show and probably is my most favorite political quilt of all time.  I never would have been able to imagine such a dead-on statement, let alone manage to execute its construction.  This quilt grabs your attention and keeps it for a long, long time, and when you do manage to escape its lure, you never forget its message.

In fact, I consider this such an important quilt that I am not going to post any more photographs from the show today.  I really hope that people actually read this blog and study the photograph of the quilt.  Please think about how people can be so careless of other people and the planet we share.

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