Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Kin

Son and Son-in-Law both deserve thanks for their recent blood donations.

Twenty-five years ago IT Prof had a bleeding ulcer, denied that vomiting all night was a serious problem, reluctantly visited his physician, was immediately hospitalized, and received two pints of blood.  While IT Prof was in the hospital, the nurse put an IV needle in each of his arms.  When IT Prof asked why, he was told that the medical professionals were worried that they wouldn't be able to get blood into him fast enough.

At the time IT Prof and I had two busy little toddlers and no babysitting.  The children and I visited him one or two times a day, but that was all I could manage if we didn't want the kids escaping his room and roaming the hospital halls until I could catch them.  In those ancient days the land-line telephone was our only  communication device.

That was a terribly scary time, but those generous blood donors saved IT Prof's life.  I am forever grateful to them.  (We also were extremely fortunate because back then blood was not tested for the AIDS virus and IT Prof did not receive blood that would later kill him.)

Inspired by my boys, I also donated blood last week.  Perhaps it is wrong, but I am proud that my family has given three pints of blood in recent weeks.  I hope we can maintain this new (?) standard of giving.


  1. IT Prof corrected me. He received four units of blood, not two.

  2. Actually, it was four units of blood, not two.

  3. As you might notice, great minds not only think alike, but they think simultaneously.