Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Memories from the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Show at UMKC on Saturday, October 1, 2011--Part 6

Today is the last installment from this quilt show because I have run out of IT Prof's photographs.

The next two quilts were made by Mary Workman.  Isn't her piecing awesome?  The cheery quilt below is for Mary's granddaughter, and I'm sure she is one happy little girl to receive it.  If the granddaughter is at all like my daughters were when they were little, she must be thrilled by the variety of jolly fabrics.

Mary made the quilt below for her grandson.  I love its deceptive simplicity.  The piecing must have taken Mary a long time to be so perfect.  I really like the reflection of the colors within the color families in the circles.

Sarah Mosher's quilt below is a hoot.  (I should have warned readers I like puns.)  I love the unconventional use of log cabin blocks.  I myself never would have been able to imagine a quilt like this, but I certainly admire Sarah's artistry.

IT Prof didn't take any more photographs at the quilt show, but I assure you that the sample posted here was only a small part of a terrific quilt show.  The sunny and warm weather was perfect for an outdoor show, and I really enjoyed studying the beautiful quilts.  Also, the show's organizers deserve a great deal of praise for the success of the presentation.  I hope the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild has another show next year because I would very much like to attend it.

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