Friday, October 21, 2011

A Product Frustration

Every couple of years I work on a small project, go to the store for batting, and stumble across fusible batting again.  I remember vaguely that I don't like fusible batting but can't remember why.  And, in theory, what could be easier for a small project?

Today I have been working on Son's Girlfriend's Christmas stocking and used fusible batting.  It did not fuse to begin with and is awful for me (but perhaps not more talented quilters) to machine quilt.  Maybe if I blog about it, I'll remember NOT to buy fusible batting again.


  1. Way to keep the surprise a secret since she reads your blog. I suggest you delete this comment soon. ;)

  2. She knows I'm making a stocking. Please do not make me delete your comment; I don't get enough comments to be so cavalier.