Thursday, October 20, 2011

Memories from the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild Show at UMKC on Saturday, October 1, 2011--Part 4

Here are some of the quilts I haven't shown on this blog yet.

Linda Jurkiewicz made today's quilts.  The one immediately below is quite an achievement because of all of those incredible curves.  I also like the color transitions.  This quilt is a little too busy for my taste, but I can still admire the result for all the planning and effort that went into its creation.

The quilt below tickles my sense of humor, plus blue is my favorite color.  What a clever stash buster this quilt is!  I also like it because the Chinese coins are within the limits of my abilities as a quilter, so I can imagine I could reproduce it.  (I wouldn't have been able to come up with the design, though.)

If I lived in a huge house with lots of wall space, I would love to have this quilt as a wall hanging.  Its aesthetics really appeal to me.

It has occurred to me that some readers may be concerned because I am showing photos of quilts other people made.  Please be assured I asked for permission from the women running the show if I could photograph quilts and then post the photos on my blog.  They replied rather enthusiastically that they hoped I would because the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild appreciated any sort of publicity.  My blog doesn't have the sort of readership the women imagined I would reach, but I do hope the select group my readers comprise does enjoy seeing these beautiful quilts.

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