Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CPR Training

No one is quite as effective as a grandson to inspire self-improvement.  I don't have a granddaughter, but, on second thought, the previous statement needs revision.

No one is quite as effective as a grandchild to inspire self-improvement.

Last night IT Prof and I took a park district-sponsored CPR class because it's been several years since our most recent certification.  The course has really been simplified.  The variations between adult, child, and infant CPR and choking care have been scaled down.  I actually think I might remember what I'm supposed to do if, and I hope not, I'm ever called upon to help.

Back in pre-CPR days and the Dark Ages of my minority I was present when my grandfather had a heart attack.  All my younger brother and I knew to do was to get Grandpa the spare nitroglycerin pills kept in our silverware drawer immediately.  Little Brother ran to the kitchen to fetch the pills while I ran over to Grandpa, who had stood up to reach into his pocket to get his nitroglycerin pills, to break any possible fall as best as I could.  Fortunately, at least Grandpa did not fall.

I was so afraid for Grandpa and also that Little Brother might see Grandpa die.  Grandpa ended up in the hospital for a month, but we did have him seven more too short months after the heart attack.

A few weeks ago Tremor and I used our first aid skills at church when an older woman tripped, fell down, and cut her head.  Head wounds bleed a lot.  Luckily a doctor soon came up and supplied her expertise.  (The cut ended up being the woman's only injury, so, the incident thankfully did not end up being a medical emergency.)

However, knowing what to do made a big difference.  It is much easier to try to help than to stand by helplessly.

Next week IT Prof and I take our First Aid review course.  This, however, does not give anyone permission to get sick or to hurt him/herself.

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