Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog for an Important Update

Yesterday's blog's list of aliases is out-of-date already.  But, it's a good type of out-of-date.

Aurora is no longer Tremor's girlfriend; she is his fiancee!  Tremor proposed and was accepted last night, and his family could not be more pleased.  Tremor and Aurora tentatively plan to marry next summer.  They haven't even had a chance to set a date yet, so details will be revealed as I learn them and am permitted to post them.

Apparently IT Prof and I have a very romantic son because he gave Aurora a ring when he proposed.  Tremor selected a beautiful engagement ring which is delicate and dainty and looks lovely on Aurora's finger.  He even thought to select metal that goes well with her mostly silver jewelry, and the three stones on the ring sparkle like stars.  Aurora also seems to like the ring.  Of course, the ring is trivial compared to the person, and Aurora outshines any piece of jewelry imaginable.

Some days are much better than others.

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