Monday, December 12, 2011

Report #1 from Santa's Workshop

The bathrobe above does come from "Santa's Workshop 2011," but it was a birthday gift for my grandson Omaha.  IT Prof thinks the bathrobe is hideous.

I chose the yellow fleece because Omaha looks good in warm colors, and I did not want to try to match a big print on a small bathrobe as I did with the last bathrobe I made for him.  The pockets and belt are made from the Thomas the Tank Engine fabric I have.  Omaha loves anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine.  In fact, Omaha said, "My Thomas.  My Percy.  My James," when he first unwrapped the bathrobe because those are the three engines appearing on the fabric.

The Thomas the Tank Engine pockets and belt made the bathrobe into something Omaha really likes, so how can it be hideous?  After all, I didn't make the bathrobe for IT Prof.

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