Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Actually, I think my usage of the title of this post dates me.  Anyhow, . . .

IT Prof and I attended a child's birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  Soon after the party started my asthma drove me away.  IT Prof suggested that I go to the nearby movie theater and see something instead of freezing in our car.

So, when I could breathe better, I drove to Cinemark and saw The DescendantsThe Descendants is excellent for such a depressing movie.  I had heard good comments about the movie and, now that I've seen it, I agree with the praise.  However, there is one warning for fuddy-duddies like me: the language is not elegant.  Children should not see this movie.

My dinner was some overpriced pretzel bites and Diet Coke from the concession stand during the film.  Afterwards, I returned to the now defunct party site to pick up IT Prof.  I was in the house long enough, five minutes or so, to develop breathing problems again.  So, I exited and IT Prof followed.

Monday the birthday celebrant began a bout with stomach and intestinal problems.  Last night IT Prof started his own personal battle with the same difficulties.  He thinks it could be food poisoning from the party.  If so, I will be safe because I ate and drank nothing at the party.  But, if it is food poisoning, about twenty people are going to be sick. :-(

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