Friday, December 23, 2011

Report #2 from Santa's Workshop

It's absolutely ridiculous how proud I am of the Christmas present I made yesterday.  (Since a few possible gift recipients actually follow this blog, Santa's Workshop's Code of Secrecy compels me to be disgustingly coy about what said gift is.  For the purposes of brevity, I will hereafter in this post refer to the gift as a dandelion, even though it is not.)

Maybe I'm excited about the dandelion because IT Prof was actually believably impressed with how it turned out.  That almost never happens.  Also, the dandelion does not look like a homemade gift; I could be wrong but I think it looks like a designer dandelion you might find in a better-quality store.

Of course, I had a pattern, but naturally I modified the pattern.  (Somehow I seem fundamentally incapable of following directions exactly.)  The dandelion pattern called for two, say, baseballs, but the dandelion I made has six baseballs. 

Also, the pattern called for two parts of the dandelion to be attached in a messy way which would decrease the dandelion's durability, but I attached the parts in what I consider a far more suitable fashion.  Am I only person who thinks patterns today call for what's easiest rather than what might have more workmanship?  The patterns I used as a teenager seemed to guide you towards better construction.  I would be interested in readers' opinions on this subject.  (Note the optimistic used of the plural readers.)

My Husqvarna sewing machine did a wonderful job of coping with the difficult sewing bits, too, so I didn't end up hating the dandelion either by the time it was finished.  I'll photograph the dandelion today for post-Christmas publication.

This is one gift I really hope the recipient loves.

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