Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gifts from Santa's 2011 Workshop--Continued

If you like precision, some of the gifts shown today were not Christmas presents.  However, all of them did originate in Santa's 2011 Workshop.

When The Clown's Wife was a little girl, she adored cows.  The reason behind her adoration has never been explained.  However, last fall I was in a fabric shop and saw two different cow print fabrics.  I immediately thought of The Clown's Wife, especially since blue is one of the major colors in her house.  The Clown's Wife's birthday is in early January, so this was another Santa's 2011 Workshop project.

If you have ever wondered what I would call Cow Pillows, here they are: 

The pillows are each 14" x 14" in size.  I was actually quite pleased to find such reasonably tasteful cow fabric.  (You can't tell from the photo, but the binding for the pillows has little line drawings of cows on it.)  I don't think too many people own Cow Pillows, so, these were definitely a unique gift.

Our family has a fair number of Christmastime birthdays.  I made the apron below for our grandson, Omaha, to use at our house.  It's kind of a birthday present and kind of not.  I call this the Train Apron because of the Omaha-perfect fabric I used.

The blue of the apron trim matches the blue in the print fabric much better than you would think from the photos.  The photo of the fabric is a little washed out, but you can see how transportation-oriented it is.  I refer to the apron as the Train Apron because Omaha considers trains the most awesome means of transportation ever invented.

After Tremor and Aurora became engaged early in December, I decided that IT Prof and I needed to give Aurora's father a special Christmas gift because this was essentially our two families' first Christmas as one family.

I don't really know Aurora's father very well yet, but I do know he likes the outdoors.  That's why his quilt is blue (water), brown (ground), and green (trees).  Aurora told me that her dad liked the rag quilt, so he's either very polite and/or I selected good colors.  Her dad received a rag quilt because that was the only type of bigger quilt I knew I could finish in the three weeks remaining before Christmas.

On a completely unrelated topic (how's that for segue?), I'm considering changing the name of my blog to something a little more interesting and descriptive.  Does anyone have appropriate suggestions?

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