Thursday, February 2, 2012

1 February 2012--Mistake or Design Decision?

The Kansas City Star has published a monthly quilt block for each year during the past few years.  This year's quilt is "The Spirit of Sacagawea," designed by Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson.  The January block is called "Bird and Nest."

Since this year's quilt looks like it will be a brilliant use of a small portion of my stash of scraps, I decided to make it.  (I am also leaning towards making this quilt my first venture in Cotton Theory quilting, but that's another story.)  So, I happily fetched my packages of Steam-a-Seam and started tracing.

Last night I made my appliques and started pressing them onto the background square.  No sooner had I started than I realized that I had been in the habit of using applique patterns which were already reversed and the pattern for "Bird and Nest" was not.  Oops!  But, I thought about starting over and then decided that I could refer to the reversal as a valid design decision, even if that's not what Laurie Simpson intended.

This is what my block looks like:

I have not buttonhole-stitched the edges of the appliques down yet, but you can get the general idea.  If you didn't know that I had goofed and reversed the pattern pieces and were unfamiliar with the pattern, you might not realize that the bird, branch, egg, and nest were backwards.  The reversal also forced me to shift the positions of some of the leaves to fit them in.  I can live with this.

In addition, apparently, I am a rebel at heart because the leaves are supposed to be blue.  However, since this is my scrap quilt, I can put green leaves on my branch if I so desire.  I also made the bird's body and tail brown instead of black because I preferred the way a brown, rather than a black, bird looked on the brown branch.  (I thought my black scraps looked too harsh.)

If Laurie Simpson knew (or cared) about this, my block would probably make her sick at heart.  What's worse, she would realize that there are eleven more blocks this year for me to tamper with.

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