Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Mother of the Groom's Dress

Aurora agreed to help me find my dress for the wedding, so she came over for a quick lunch on Monday and then we went shopping.  Aurora works in retail, and it is impressive how much technical information she knows about fashion. Also, I wanted Aurora to have veto power over the dress since, after all, it is her wedding.

Our first (and, as it turned out, last) stop was Natalie M's in Overland Park.  I had been spending way too much time on the web trying to identify a bridal shop which might carry something a middle-aged woman could wear to her son's wedding without revealing too much skin.  Natalie M seemed as though it might have potential.  However, as I quickly learned, the sizing of the dresses at a bridal shop is nothing more than demoralizing.  (Was there a connection between the humiliating feeling provided by the dresses and my being sick yesterday?  It's probably not provable, but I still have to wonder.)

The saleslady directed us to the separates section, which made a lot of sense for me with my disproportionate top and bottom parts.  Here is the top and here is the skirt Aurora helped me select.  The skirt will be shortened to knee-length because the wedding will be in July.  Aurora and I chose the color clover (which is the color of the dress in "the color clover" link) for both pieces because she is leaning towards another green for her bridesmaids' dresses.  (I'm trying to be color compatible in the wedding photos.)  Oh, and, by the way, I really like the color of my dress.  Plus, I already have shoes and a purse I can use with the dress.

The separates are supposed to arrive in three months, so I should have time to get the necessary alterations made.  This is only the second dress I will ever have with professional alterations.  (The first was my wedding dress.)  So, this is a big deal to me.

I don't usually like shopping, but I did enjoy my afternoon out with Aurora.  It was a real relief to have her guidance.


  1. Yes and no. Apparently bridal shops are a different world. Instead of carrying several brands of clothing, the shops carry clothing by several designers. So, Alfred Angelo at a bridal shop might be like Worthington at Penney's. I think this makes the bridal shops' clothing seem extra special for a wedding. But, after all, don't you want to wear something extra special for a wedding?