Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Today was sunny, crisp, and cold, but IT Prof, Tremor, The Clown, The Clown's Wife, Omaha, and I visited the Kansas City Zoo anyway.  Wow!  The zoo has improved so much since I was last there a few years ago.  The animals must be much happier in the improved habitats.

The wide paths are wonderful to walk on.   IT Prof took this photograph at the viewing stand for the elephants who live in the Africa exhibit.  The large mammal in the green coat is me, not another elephant.  The handsome young man is our son, Tremor.

Below The Clown and his wife (our daughter), The Clown's Wife, are taking a much needed break since their three-year-old son, Omaha, came to the zoo, too.

As far as Omaha was concerned, the animals were interesting, but the highlight of the visit was the playground (unless it was the tram ride at the end of our visit).  When our children were small, the zoo did not have such a wonderful playground.  They would have loved it, and I would have enjoyed sitting on the bench.

Tremor must qualify as one of the best uncles in the world.  He conscientiously follows Omaha around the playground equipment in order to make sure Omaha doesn't fall through any gaps.  In the two photos below, Uncle Randy is acceding to Omaha's request/demand that he follow Omaha through one of the tunnels.  I chose the first photo below because Omaha is in shadow and I'm not supposed to, as per his parents' request, post his identifiable image on the Internet.

Uncle Tremor lost a lot of weight last year, and is that paying off at playgrounds!

The photo below is one of my favorites of all of them taken earlier today.  I love to watch IT Prof and Omaha walk hand-in-hand together.  Maybe that's because I remember taking walks with my grandpa years ago, and I hope Omaha has a similar fond memory of his grandpa.  It's hard to believe that the little boy holding IT Prof's hand is Omaha and not Tremor of yesteryear.  Time passes amazingly quickly; doesn't it?

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