Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Incredibly Busy Summer--Part 1

I fear this post is going to turn into one of those back-to-school essays about what I did on my summer vacation. Or, maybe the next few posts will. First, I have finished only one quilting project this summer.

Yes, only seven-and-one-half month since last Christmas and only three-and-one-half months until the next Christmas, and I have completed the ninth of twelve table hangings for Aurora.  (I really hope I make the September wall hanging soon.)  Don't you think Aurora is patient?

Probably some readers might disagree, but for our family, only was social event of the summer mattered.  On July 14th, Aurora and Tremor got married at beautiful Powell Gardens east of the Kansas City metro area.  IT Prof and I were responsible for the rehearsal dinner, which was at Stonehaus Farms Vineyard and Winery in Lee's Summit, MO.  After dinner, the weather cooled down enough for some of the guests to enjoy the winery's attractive grounds.

Our caterer was Affordable Elegance Catering from Raymore, MO.  Since I can take no credit for the food (other than helping set the menu) served, I can cheerfully brag that the guests complimented the food over and over again.

Our youngest and her boyfriend corraled the guests as they entered and asked (forced) them to sign autograph blocks for what will eventually be a quilt for Tremor and Amanda.  Their help really made it easier for me.  I expect that I will probably be able to complete the quilt by no later than 2020.

Here are some photos from the rehearsal dinner and afterwards.  (Obviously, the photos are non-inclusive, but IT Prof and I wanted to visit with our guests.

Tremor and Aurora

Aurora's father

One of my favorite parts of all the wedding festivities was how consistently proud Aurora's father looked.  He is a single parent and has a good right to be proud; Aurora is a wonderful young woman.  We're lucky to have her as the newest member of our family.
Here are scenes from the dinner and afterwards. 



By the way, the photo above is of my younger (as I'm sure he would want me to emphasize) brother and me.


The flower girl and the ring bearer enjoyed exploring outdoors after dinner.  Aurora's friends' daughter and our grandson really seemed to hit it off well despite the eight-month age difference.  Omaha is the older one, but the flower girl had a much deeper and earlier understanding of her duties at the wedding.  She carried a wand instead of flowers because of Powell Gardens' rules against flower petals in the chapel and looked like a young princess at a royal event.

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