Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Incredibly Busy Summer--Part 5

As a complete non sequitur, I would like to report that our beautiful lake is gradually becoming a muck pond.  However, apparently waterfowl enjoy shallow water because we have been seeing a lot of ducks this summer.

Yesterday evening I looked out the window and saw two new birds on the shore.  I almost couldn't believe my eyes, but they were buzzards.  The buzzards must have been thirsty because I don't think they qualify as waterfowl.

OK, back to where I was.  Also, it took me way too long to find the ASCII codes and figure out how to use them, but alert readers can rejoice in the fact that I finally know how to use accent marks in my blog.

Today I'm continuing to take a break from my vacation photos in order to describe a bit of the Common Threads Quilt Show in Wichita, KS this past June. My guild's bus trip this year went to the show on June 21st, and was it a FANTASTIC show!

Wow!  This is Quite by Accident, appliquéd and quilted by Nancy Staton. This quilt reminds me sort of a Mayan calendar.  I like the prairie points along the edge of the quilt.

The quilt above is Let Harmony Come 'Round, appliquéd and quilted by Barbara Nickelson.  I love the color gradations in the maze and their repetition in the flowers.

The quilt above is Memories, pieced, appliquéd, and quilted by Florence Kirkland for her granddaughter.  I hope the granddaughter treasures the beautiful heirloom she has been given.

The quilt above is A Real Farmer's Daughter, pieced and appliquéd by Robin Newton.  I apologize, but my photo of the attribution missed the quilter's name.  This quilt combines some of my favorites in quilting: a variety of blocks, scrappiness in colors, and earthtones.  This quilt would so work in my house!

The quilt above is Cosmic Kaffe Fassett Circles, pieced and appliquéd by Karen Armstrong.  I apologize again, but my photo of the attribution missed the quilter's name.  Isn't this quilt bright and cheery?  The black background just makes the colors pop.

The quilt above is Interlocking Stars, pieced by Midori Melton.  I apologize a third time, but my photo of the attribution missed the quilter's name.  I love quilts that look as though chains interlock.  The complicated stars add another degree of complexity.

Well, IT Prof just started our latest Alfred Hitchcock Presents from Netflix.  Since the shows are puzzles, if not mysteries, I'm going to leave off now and pay attention to the TV.

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