Sunday, August 26, 2012

Incredibly Busy Summer--Part 7

Today's beginning digression is another one of my projects.


IT Prof's mother has just started using a walker.  The two photos above show the front and back of the walker bag I just made her.  I found the free walker bag pattern on the web.  Of course, being me, I couldn't make the walker bag without my own modifications.

First, since I didn't have any D-rings, I just made and used ordinary ties for the side attachments.  Second, I wanted the walker bag to have a little bit of pizzazz, so I appliquéd the flowers on the front pockets.  The appliqués were fairly simple, but it took me almost as long to make them as it did for me to make the rest of the bag. 

In fact, I spent much longer on the appliqués if you count shopping time.  I "had" to go buy buttons for the flower centers, for the top straps, and for closing the top of the walker bag because none of the buttons I already had fit my design conception.  (Apparently I am willing to go shopping for buttons but not for D-rings.)

Except for the buttons, I also used only my stash for materials.  "Fortunately," I managed to find two fabrics that worked together.  The pattern called for heavier fabric for the body of the bag, so I made my own quilted fabric for the body of the bag.  I just used simple freehand meandering quilting, so that didn't really take too long either.

My mother-in-law hasn't seen the walker bag yet, but IT Prof actually said (without my hinting) that he thought the bag was pretty.  Of course, neither one of us is pleased that his mother might need a walker bag, but at least we can give her a nice-looking one.

Now let's return to the Common Threads Quilt Show in Wichita, Kansas last June.

The quilt above is Edith Dilsaver's My Blue Quilt.  She hand embroidered the blocks before she pieced them together.  Blue is my favorite color, so I was wired to love this quilt.  I can't embroider (especially since I have carpal tunnel), but I certainly admire all the work that went into this beautiful quilt.
The pieced quilt above is Conestoga Star, made by Betty Enright.  Aren't all the tiny bits of fabric pieced together so precisely amazing?  This complicated quilt also manages to seem quite elegant to me.

The pieced quilt above is Storm at Sea--Bayview, made by Sheri Schoenebeck.  This is another awesome job of piecing little bits of fabric.  I also like the cheerful color scheme.

There are still a few photos from the quilt show left.  They will be posted either tomorrow or on Tuesday

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