Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 YTD Sewing Projects--#2

I made a huge mistake for Christmas last year.  We did not have a Christmas stocking to hang up for Aurora's father.  He politely never said a word, but I resolved that Christmas 2013 would be different.  So, now, although I am late in putting the Christmas decorations away from 2012, we have a Christmas stocking for Aurora's father.  It is just a matter of prioritizing my time.

Earlier I mentioned my new addiction to the quilting tutorials on Missouri Star Quilt Company's website.  Eventually I became bright enough to click my cursor on the "Forum" button and discovered all sorts of quilting connections.  I have joined a group called the Farmer's Granddaughter's Quilt Along and am enjoying making the weekly blocks.  (Not that I have made the ones for this week yet.)
We're supposed to be using our stash for these blocks, so I am using some polka-dotted material I have.  Here are the blocks I've made so far:

Autumn Tints


Attic Window

I don't know if I'll have enough fabric to make two blocks each week every week in 2013, but I figure when the polka-dotted fabric is used up, I'll at least have enough blocks for one donation quilt.  And, then I'll probably be able to find more fabric in my stash to make blocks for the rest of the year.  :-)  If those additional blocks won't be enough for another donation quilt, I'll just have to start with the January 2013 blocks again.  If I can keep this up, I'll produce a little more for charity this year.
There are also many unfinished projects cluttering up our house that I can work on.  For example, Swan graduated from college in 2010; she is still waiting for her graduation quilt.  If I finish two of these unfinished projects, I'll be doing better than I did in 2012.  However, none of our children are scheduled to get married this year either.

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