Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 YTD Sewing Projects--#3

If anyone remembers that I am participating in the Missouri Star Quilt Company's Forum's Farmer's Granddaughter's Quilt Along, here are the latest two blocks I have made.

The Big Dipper Block

The Bat Wing Block
Maybe this shows how old I am, but every single time I think Bat Wing Block, the theme song from the 1960s TV show Batman starts running through my head.  Yes, I watched a lot of bad television.
The Big Dipper Block was fairly easy to make since it just involves four Hourglass Blocks.  Since I am so inaccurate with triangles, I just made each of the Hourglass Blocks a little big and then squared them each up. 
But, the Bat Wing Block fooled me into thinking it would be easy.  Of course, the three rectangles in the center were not that big of deal, but, I don't have the templates (because of my own stubbornnessJ) for the bat wing parts.  Putting corner rectangles on another rectangle in order to make three triangles involves much more thinking than putting two squares on each end of a rectangle.
You may laugh, but it took me a little while to realize that the black rectangle had to be aligned somewhat askew for the wings to meet in the center.  I ironed my black pieces in half along the diagonal; then I placed the triangle where I wanted it to end up.  That led me to figure out the placement in the beginning in order to succeed at the whole sewing-along-the-diagonal process.
People who can see the geometry without playing with the physical pieces sew much faster than I do, but at least I finally got it right.

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