Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 YTD Quilting Projects--#5

I'm not going to bore you with all my lame excuses for not posting for awhile.  However, in March I spent three days at my quilting guild's annual retreat and had a wonderful time.  I even managed to cut all the strips I need for the double Irish chain quilt I'm making as a new bedspread.  Of course, I became distracted and have not cut all the strips and sewn them back together again.

However, I did finish a toddler quilt for the daughter of one of IT Prof's cousins.

This quilt came in a kit.  The picture on the front of the package had a darling alphabet panel for the main piece of the front.  The material I found when I opened the package was cute, but don't you think it is a little boring on its own?  Also, the kit did not come with enough fabric for what the pattern called for.  I searched a long time in order to find some more fabric from the line but finally managed.  I finished the border, but when the quilt returned from the quilter, I realized that I had to come up with an idea to jazz up the front.

I eventually came up with the idea of butterflies.  IT Prof did not like how my solution turned out, but several women in my guild told me they thought the butterflies were cute.  What do you think?

One of the problems with the butterflies was that I had the quilt machine quilted (in a cute pattern of turtles) before I decided upon the butterflies.  I ended up fusing the butterflies on the front of the quilt; then I embroidered the edges (by hand--which is pretty amazing for me) with the buttonhole stitch.  I had to take care in order to keep my stitches from coming through to the back of the quilt.  It took some time, but I managed to accomplish it.

I've already sent the little girl the quilt but don't know yet if she likes it.  That will be the true test whether it is a successful quilt or not.  I really hope she likes the quilt.

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