Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 YTD Sewing Projects--#4

January 17th!  What have I been doing for over a month?  I had actually been working on quilting projects.  Then I went skiing for the first time for this year in early February.

I fell.  I hit the back of my head hard (with an eventually sore huge bump), especially since the drought kept the powder at Snow Creek to a near nonexistent quantity and the hill was all but solid ice.  (This was not something to be blamed on the ski area.)  No additional brain damage (beyond what is baseline) was detected in me, but I will never, ever, ever go skiing without a helmet again.  It doesn't matter that no one used helmets in the days of yore when my dad taught my siblings and me to ski.  It is time to move into reality and be more risk averse.

I'm incredibly fortunate that I did not get a concussion.  Please learn from my idiocy.  Do not ski without a helmet.  End of PSA.

However, just to make sure I remember how stupid I was, I twisted both knees trying to stand up because it was impossible to plant my poles into the solid ice.  My right knee is almost well now, but I am still wearing a brace on my gradually improving left knee.  The knee still hurts a bit all the time, but the humiliation in knowing that I injured it trying to stand up is worse.

Not much has been mentioned about sewing yet, so here is the reward for those of you still reading this blog.  These are some photos of my newest blocks for the Farmer's Granddaughter Quilt Along.

Broken Sugar Bowl Block

Broken Dishes Block

Buckwheat Block

Butterfly at the Crossroads Block

Calico Puzzle Block

Buzzard's Roost Block

I have also made the February block, Birthstones, from this years Kansas City Star's BOM feature.  It required me to trim a great many oversized pieces to end up with a block that actually had triangles with points.
Birthstones Block
The sample block in the newspaper is mostly red.  However, I promised myself not to buy any new fabric for my blocks from The Star.  Readers will probably not be surprised to learn that my favorite color is blue, and, shockingly, I have a great deal of blue fabric in my stash.
My next project is a baby quilt for a relative's new child, but I couldn't resist trying out my new Circle Magic ruler.  I'll try to post photographs tomorrow.

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