Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally, Some Photos from Winter Retreat!

Apparently my announcement that I was back was a trifle premature.  I have had a lingering fever for the last few weeks.  And, while I'm not terribly ill, I have lost almost all my energy.  However, I can now sit up for almost the entire day without napping, so at least I'm on the mend.

The Lee's Summit Quilters' Guild now-annual Winter Retreat was great fun!  It was wonderful to be able to work alongside so many talented quilters for a few days.

The retreat was held at Tall Oaks Conference Center near Linwood, Kansas.

(I will discuss the fallen tree in the foreground of the above photo in a later blog.)

We quilters became quite spoiled with the delicious meals we at at the nearby dining hall three times per day.  We may have been at a camp, but the food was anything but camp-food quality.  I think we all ate too much.

Of course, quilters are smart people, and we were prepared for hunger attacks between meals.

Above is one of the two tables holding the goodies brought from home.  I took this photograph on about the third day of the retreat, so the table is not as full as it originally was.  The tables were conveniently located between our bedrooms and the sewing area, so we didn't even get a lot of exercise fetching food during our snack attacks.  (There was also a huge refrigerator, so food safety was never an issue.)

This is our sewing area in the Conference Center.

Isn't all that space terrific?  We were able to leave our sewing machines out during the entire retreat, so participants could sew anytime they wanted (although we didn't when it was our turn for a meal at the dining hall).  Since the bedrooms were in a separate area, you didn't have to keep the same hours as your roommate(s) in order to avoid disturbing her sleep cycle(s).  There was another area devoted to ironing boards, so we all enjoyed the luxury of so much space to work in.

Here are photos of Diane and Donna, our highly esteemed Winter Retreat organizers.  They worked very hard behind the scenes to make the retreat such a successful and enjoyable event.

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